Trimetazidine 35 mg

Antiangoreux Trimetazidine 35 mg

The trimetazidine 35 mg is a medicine of the therapeutic cardiology class, antiangoreux or angéiologie, to administer in case of preventive treatment of angor (anginas pectoris), symptomatic treatment of supplement dizzinesses and tinnitus (ear buzzing) and adjunctive treatment of visual acuity decreases presumed vascular origin. The trimetazidine inhibits fatty acid metabolism in myocardium. By preserving energy metabolism of cells exposed to hypoxia or ischemia, the trimetazidine causes a decrease of the adenosine triphosphatee at the intracellular level, this ensures the good functioning of ionic pumps and assured the transmembrane sodium potassium flow while maintaining homeostasis cellular. The trimétazidine also inhibits the ?- oxidation of fatty acids in blood vessels.

Trimetazidine: side effects, contraindications

The trimétazidine can cause digestive upset, but in extremely rare cases. There is no known medicinal interaction. Its taking is disadvised in case of feeding, a medical opinion is necessary in case of pregnancy. There was no revealing of teratogenic effect on test animal, but the risk of deformation cannot be excluded as long as private hospitals test will not have been realized. In case of allergy to a similar drug, it is strongly advised to avoid taking trimetazidine.

Method of administration of trimetazidine

The trimetazidine can be packaged into tablets dosed at 20 mg or 35 mg dose or to vial at 20mg/ml. Ingestion is made orally, 5h after taking the tablet or the solution, the maximum is usually reached. During 11h after initial taking, plasma concentration remains above 75% of the maximum concentration above. It's only between the 2nd and 3rd day that the steady state is reached, more than 50 hours after ingestion of trimetazidine. The taken can be done independently of feed intake. Indeed, the pharmacokinetic characteristics of the trimetazidine are totally independent of the presence of food in the stomach. The trimetazidine has a low level of protein binding. According to the test carried out, it is approximately 16%. The trimetazidine is eliminated largely through urine, without being deteriorated.

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